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From: Robert Verish <bolidechaser_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:55 2004
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Hello Bernd,

Last week you asked if I had more info on the Neenach
TKW. Well, I do. I can confirm the Ron Hartman
account about a certain Mr. Baker. But beyond that, I
can not say.

Here are some images of the original main mass:



It is unfortunate, Bernd, that you can't see the
rebroadcast of the "Hunt for Amazing Treasures" this
week. Much of the outdoor footage was taken in the
middle of the Neenach STREWN FIELD, including the
short scene with Rob Matson, his fiance, and me. (I'm
sorry Ron Hartman, but your footage ended up on the
cutting room floor.) The shoot was done over a year

Note - in the scene where I am metal detecting in an
open field, you may be able to spot in the
middleground a black flag. That flag marks the find
location of one of the Neenach stones.

All of the outdoor footage was shot on private
property - with the permission of the property owners.
 Prior to shooting, I gave to all the property owners
a signed release of liability for each person involved
in the hunt and film crew. And another signed memo of
understanding that any meteorite found was the
property of the land owner, but that samples of each
stone would be required for authentication.

Of course, as luck would have it, no finds were made.

But I did discover that this same site was already
part of a long-standing, on-going research
investigation by an academic institution. As a
result, we have deferred to that organization, and we
have not returned to this locality, during this
intervening year.

I only ask that I be granted this same courtesy, and
that I be given the same adequate amount of time to
complete my investigation of other strewn fields.

With best regards,
Bob V.

  Robert Verish
  Principal Field Investigator
  Meteorite-Recovery Foundation
  P.O. Box 237
  Sunland, CA
  USA 91040

E-mail: bolidechaser_at_yahoo.com

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[meteorite-list] Neenach

Bernd Pauli HD bernd.pauli_at_lehrer1.rz.uni-karlsruhe.de

Fri, 31 Aug 2001 20:47:26 +0200

Rob wrote:

>Both the hardcopy and CD version give a mass of
>But if you look at the distribution, it says UCLA has
>16.17 kg of it. The first stone found(ploughed up)
>13.8 kg, but I thought that others had been found.

Hello Rob and List,

Here is what I've got. Unfortunately I don't know
who it is from or where or when I got this info:
"The individuals, all weighing over a pound were found
by the plow, having been buried a couple of feet deep
in a crop field."

Perhaps Bob Verish has more on this!

Best regards,

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