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From: colin wade <ceweed_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:55 2004
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Hi Folks
yeasterdays targets
1 get car serviced
2 take letter to Qatar National Museum , offering meteorite for display
3 Colect wife from airport

#1 went swimmingly until advised that the service was complete but I'd
have to go to the showroom to get the oil filter & car wash

#2 take letter offering meteorite to Qatar museum & copies of letters &
replies to & from NHM .
As I can't find the address & have time to kill , hand delivery is in order
I meet the director Sd Emadi , who was quite interested , but with a biology
background . He then telephones his Geological curator, Dr Al Far, & after a
stuggle with the telephone , we settle to proprieties .
After gahwar & pleasantries , the faraj takes me to meed Dr Al Far, nice old
guy but even deafer than I am .
I show him the letter, photos ,email from Dr Grady , giving some details of
the chondrite, which he studies laboriously.
I then start asking him about the meteorites he's got & am trying to tell
him his Nahkilite is from Mars
No he says .. its from the Oman... surely sez I youre from egypt & know the
Nahkilite is from there ....ah yes but we have meteorite from Oman .. found
by .....i try again to tell him the significance of the Nahkilite & mars but
the language & deafness is making the scene worthy of Faulty Towers .
Ha asks for samples , which I haven't got with me , & says he'll organise
analysis ... don't need NHM.. & in the unlikely event its a meteorite he
says it'll be a great day for Qatar & me., & amidst great mirth we part with
him extolling me to hurry samples to him ( If i break some off to catch all
the fragments )

Originally I'd intended to give the main lump ca1.2kg to the museum but then
realise that I've left my piece 100g in the UK ... so after reaging some of
the conference proceedings water & freezing seems a good way to split the
existing mass down one if its fissures . Tried one cycle & now have enough
5 -10 mm fragments to grind & polish for the local school & the big lump is
still intact .

Next weekend the sample travels to the museum !!!

#3 Wife , young sir & baggage , retrieved from the clutches of KLM
allswell that ends well

DAG to the north , Dhofar to the south,
 Why's Mars ignored Qatar when it's been throwing stones
dusty old Dukhan
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