[meteorite-list] mail to the US

From: Frank Prochaska <fprochas_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:13 2004
Message-ID: <NDBBICFKNKHAAEEJLDALAEJPCLAA.fprochas_at_premier1.net>

Hello list!

There have been several questions on the list about mail service to and from
the US recently. I have only one case to report personally. I just
received a package (impactite) from Austrailia. It was postmarked on
October 13th and I received it Wednesday, October 24th. Not a bad travel
time, but not as rapid (from the postmarked date) as past items from this
same party to my house. The package had the appropriate customs tag, and
apparently whoever inspects the mail took it at face value, because there
was no tampering or attempt to open it. The original customs form signed by
the sender was intact over the package seal. This is only one event, and it
is between the US and Austrailia, not Europe, but it had a happy ending for

Frank Prochaska
Received on Fri 26 Oct 2001 08:30:19 AM PDT

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