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From: Alexander Seidel <ase_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:13 2004
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while attending the Gifhorn show last Saturday, my attention was drawn
to a new meteorite book (first published in 2001) titled "METEORITES -
Their Impact on Science and History", edited by Brigitte Zanda and
Monica Rotaru.

I had it in my mailbox today, quickly delivered to me by an online
bookshop. Btw: they have a special rate at amazon.com at the moment.

While not being as technical as e.g. Hap McSween´s book "Meteorites and
Their Parent Planets" in a sense, this is a nice and richly illustrated
up-to-date summary on the subject, obviously addressed at the interested
layman, and written by several specialists in the meteoritic domain.

Here is a summary of the chapters of the book, by headlines and authors:

The harder they fall (C. Perron)
Stones which fell from the sky (U. Marvin)
Impact craters (P. Thomas)
Cretaceous Park (R. Rocchia, E. Robin)
Like no stone on earth (B. Zanda et al.)
Little planets (D. Benest)
The sound and the fury (J.-P. Bibring)
Signed carbon (F. Robert)
A stormy nebula (R. Hewins)
The age of the solar system (. Manhes)
Galactic fossils (E. Zinner)
Leafing through the past two centuries (P. Pellas)

Cambridge University Press has a URL for more details (ISBN no., price
information etc.):


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