[meteorite-list] Ssh! - sure is quiet

From: Martin Horejsi <martinh_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:13 2004
Message-ID: <B7FB3E4D.239%martinh_at_isu.edu>

> Dave wrote:
>> Where is everyone?
> Matt wondered:
>> It is VERY quiet out here! Is anyone around?
> DF responded:
>> Ruff, Ruff!
Bernd offered:
> Hello All!
> Well, I've been sitting here inspecting and enjoying my li'le 3.9 g
> metal-rich Portales slice with a magnifying class and a hand-lens.

If anyone is looking for something to do waiting for the next message to
appear or the MOI tonight, have a look at Dave's Modest Meteorite Collection


By the way Dave, that is the largest 8.19 gram piece of Ghubara I've ever
seen! Any chance the decimal point got knocked to the left somehow?

Cheers All,

Good night Bernd!

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