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From: Bernd Pauli HD <bernd.pauli_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:13 2004
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Dave wrote:

> Where is everyone?

Matt wondered:

> It is VERY quiet out here! Is anyone around?

DF responded:

> Ruff, Ruff!

Hello All!

Well, I've been sitting here inspecting and enjoying my li'le 3.9 g
metal-rich Portales slice with a magnifying class and a hand-lens. I had
ordered this cute little specimen from Michael Blood BEFORE those tragic
events unfolded on September 11 and it took the package about six weeks
to make it from San Diego to Germany. I now own a 11.5 g PV metal-free
slice from Mike Farmer, the 3.9 g metal-rich slice from Michael Blood +
a PV thin section - a beautiful trio!

To welcome this latest arrival in my collection appropriately,
I had a look at the following papers, articles, and abstracts:

KRING D.A., HILL D.H., GLEASON J.D., BRITT D.T. et al. (1999) Portales
Valley: A meteoritic sample of the brecciated and metal-veined floor of
an impact crater on an H-chondrite asteroid (MAPS 34-4, 1999, 663-669).

SEPP B. et al. (1999) The microstructure of metallic iron-nickel
in the Portales Valley meteorite (MAPS 34-4, 1999, A 106).

SEPP B. et al. (2001) Low-temperature phase decomposition in iron-nickel
metal of the Portales Valley meteorite (MAPS 36-5, 2001, pp. 587-595).

HAACK H. et al. (2000) Portales Valley: Thermal history
of a unique meteorite (MAPS 35-5, 2000, Suppl., A067).

RUZICKA A. et al. (2000) Portales Valley: Not just another
ordinary chondrite (MAPS 35-5, 2000, Suppl., A139).

RUZICKA A. et al. (2000) Portales Valley: Discovery of
a large graphite nodule (MAPS 35-5, 2000, Suppl., A140).

WOOLARD R. (2001) Portales Valley - A not so ordinary, ordinary
chondrite (Meteorite, May 2001, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 18-20).

Good night,

bedtime here,

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