[meteorite-list] Who will write the Saharan story?

From: Bob King <lakewind_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:13 2004
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Hello all,
We all know what a wonderful opportunity the Saharan finds have
been to science as well as to the common collector. And I've heard
some great tales of how dealers have purchased and brought many
of these meteorites out of Africa. But what I'm most curious about
is who is (or might be willing) to document the story of this
meteorite 'gold rush'. There is precious little mentioned about
Saharan meteorites in any recent English language book about the
topic. Maybe it's my background as a photojournalist but I'd love to
see a book documenting the desert nomads methods of finding
meteorites, then selling his or her finds at market and with the
money buying food and other essentials for the family. Then follow
the meteorites from NWA territory through the hands of dealers
who prepare them for Western markets. The book would be
illustrated with numerous photos of people and meteorites -- the
whole process. I think it would be a fascinating read as well as
capture an event that is unique in our lifetimes and perhaps for
lifetimes to come. I'll even volunteer to be the photographer ;-)
Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.
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