[meteorite-list] Wildfire Cluster Probed

From: Martin Horejsi <martinh_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:11 2004
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Good points Eric.

I had not thought about smoldering debris. Still, I think the chances
anything small could arrive hot enough to start fires.



on 10/9/01 5:27 PM, Starbits_at_aol.com at Starbits@aol.com wrote:

> <Wouldn't satellite debris be under the same cold constraints as a meteorite?>
> Not necessarily. A meteorite would have to have a circular orbit at 1 Au to
> receive the same solar energy. A meteorite on a cometary type orbit would
> receive different energy levels depending on where it is in it's orbit. In
> addition equitorial orbiting satalites would spend part of each orbit in the
> earth's shadow unlike meteorites. Other factors are that electronic equipment
> would heat the satallite or sometimes cool it depending on requirements.
> Overall though, I doubt the difference would be noticable upon earth arrival.
>> In fact, I would bet that since the overall density of a satellite is lower
>> than than that of rock (my assumption anyway), they would be even less likely
>> to carry any frictional heat to earth.>
> The few satellites I found dimensions and weights on turned out surprising
> light (to me any way) with densities of about 0.3 gm/cm3, about 1/10th that of
> stony meteorites. While I agree with your conclusion satellites would be less
> likely to carry frictional heat to earth I don't necessarily agree with the
> implied conclusion that they would therefore be less likely to start fires.
> It may be possible that some material on a satallite, such as heat blankets,
> insulation, etc. could be made to smolder upon reentry and retain enough heat
> upon arrival to start fires. Maybe somebody with more knowledge on satellite
> construction could chime in.
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