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From: Bob Martino <martino.6_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:11 2004
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I do not like that Nantan Rust,
I do not like it, 'though it must!

Please stop rusting in that box,
collector's zeal it truly mocks.
No more rusting in the rain,
but try to stop it, all in vain!
Still it's rusting here and there,
the pieces all rust everywhere!

Does it rust there on eBay?
I think it will, but who can say?
He says it's ugly as a butt,
and that's true, he's not a nut.
Try it! Buy it! You know the drill.
But it will rust, it surely will!

Scrub it hard with stiff brush wire.
heat it well in oven fire.
Soak it long in alcohol,
you'll see more rust, no time at all!
Seal it up with dessicant.
Will that help? I fear it can't.

Exploding Nantan? that's the post.
It fell apart and now is toast.
The stone just had to detonate,
It's stuff like that I really hate!

So answer me, why does it rust?
Why will my prize turn into dust?
What lies beneath that fusion crust,
that makes it die? It seems unjust!

Water, water, everywhere.
it's even vapor in the air.
For my poor Nantan say a prayer:
"Oh please, dear God, oh please, not there!"

Some say that it's all chlorine,
which rusts the Nantan (so obscene)!
It's Lawrencite,
(that seems so trite)
those quiet noises in the night.
How can I sleep? It's just not right.
What will I see by morning's light?

I do not like that Nantan rust,
It makes me feel so much disgust.

And so I take it off the shelf,
and try once more (just for myself).
I think I'll give it one more bake,
and go to buy some Tagish Lake.

   - Robert "Seuss" (with not much else to do on a boring Columbus Day)

Bob Martino Can you really name a star?
"This is how men behave when they
 believe they have absolute knowledge."
               -Jacob Bronowski (speaking from the ashes of Auschwitz)
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