[meteorite-list] Award for Honesty in Salesmanship - Butt-ugly meteorite...

From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:10 2004
Message-ID: <3BBF2368.A6794B13_at_fascination.com>

Dear Nick and List;
I agree on an honesty award...but, Pee Wee Herman, or one of them-there
Dumb and Dumber dudes would have been a prefered choice for spokesperson
to grab me quicker.
Has anyone asked Mr. Frass to model anything? Maybe he could be a
spokesman for Wisconsin's cheese industry, holding something green and
calling it Martian?

Anyone interested in marketing meteorwrongs on ebay? It would surely
educate the nieve (and greedy) to the existance of meteorwrongs and
what they look like.
I have some that are beaut's.
Dave (applauding butt-ugly award) Freeman

Nick Gessler wrote:

> I was amused to see the following on eBay:
> Butt-ugly meteorite...about a kilo
> Campo de Cielo- Iron (IA) coarse Octahedrite- Chaco, Argentina... .
  This great meteorite was first discovered in 1572 by Spanish
  Conquistadors in Gran Chaco Gualamba, now Chaco, Argentina near the
  Paraguay boarder. Now for a few guarantees. I guarantee that this is
  the above stated find. I guarantee it is butt ugly and slowly wasting
  away to nothing. I have it listed as "about a kilo". That's what it
  weighed a few years ago when I bought it. I guarantee it will be
  around for the next five years, just return dust for a full refund. I
  guarantee it will make a mess. I guarantee that now matter how much
  you try to stop this from rusting you will fail. And hell, I'll ship
  it for free in the US. Actual size is 4"X2.5"X2" and it hasn't lost
  all that much over the years with frequent brushing and some WD-40.

  Item #Item # 1014021746

  Should we present an award, or what?
  Enchanted Treasures should take this approach as a model.

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