[meteorite-list] virus details just in case

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:14 2004
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DO NOT DELETE kernel32.exe!!!!!!!! I don't know off the top of my head what
that other file does but if you delete the kernel file you will not be able
to do anything. This is more dangerous than just about any virus out there.

Rhett Bourland
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Mike is not alone!
Robert Beauford (wendirob_at_laplaza.org) is very busy cleaning up his computer
I don't know if it is the same virus, but it also comes in an attachment.
I do know I don't have it. (I just don't open attachment, unless I am
expecting it) Goodnight everybody from snowy Denver.
Anne Black

It turned out to be badtrans.b in case any of you wind up having to fight
it. It came in from a member of jpisc's antiquities list if any of you are
also on that. That name badtrans.b will alow you to pull up the details of
destroying it from a variety of web sights. You can, it seems, prevent it
from doing it's mailout routine by marking every email in all of your
folders as 'read' while you are combating it. My most sincere apologies for
taking up valuable list time with this topic and my utmost regrets to any
who might have received this virus as it forwarded itself from my computer.
You do not have to open the attachment to catch this virus. Simply deleting
the email will infect you unless you catch it in a list of emails and delete
it en-mass with others. (that way you never view it... but you can't tell
it's dangerous 'til you view it - nasty) It slips by many virus programs
that aren't very current. You can tell if it is on your computer by
searching for files named kdll.dll and kernel32.exe.
Wishing you all a pleasant evening and best of luck in avoiding this menace
and any others that come your way.
-Robert Beauford
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