[meteorite-list] Impact Melt meteorites

From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:13 2004
Message-ID: <3BFEBCBE.38EA_at_home.com>

Hi Bernd & all,
 Speaking of impact melts - below is one I consider exceptional:

DHOFAR 010 (H6 Impact Melt)
Found 1999 Oman
18 deg. 20.3’ N.
45 deg. 11.9’ E.

Impressive material that photographs poorly, reddish brown matrix with
jade green swirls of melt. Several of the pieces have “bled” (exuded
fine droplets
of liquid rust) making me certain it was cut with water (about a year
ago). I was
so “turned off” by this, I never listed it in my catalog, though I
continue to highly
value the piece in my own collection - These recent posts about melt
made me
pull it out and look at it again - just beautiful stuff. Still, with the
“bleed” factor,
I will keep the price exceptionally low for such a beautiful melt. I
will mark it
$7/g if any gets to my catalog, - $5/g for list members who want some
        I have to go out for a few hrs, but here is a photo of the 54.8g piece.
If people
are interested in the others, I can photograph them upon my return for
you - of course,
the one in the photo is available, as well.


65.2g = 326-

54.8g = 274-

23.4g = 117-

22.2g = 111-

18.3g = 91.50

8.2g = 41-

21.1g = 105.50- END PIECE

15.4g = 77- END PIECE
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