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From: Frank Cressy <fcressy_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:12 2004
Message-ID: <000a01c1707c$82ee5e80$1638ff3f_at_pavilion>

Hello all,
Thank you Tempel-Tuttle!!
Here in the Central Valley of California typical Winter fog blocked the
night sky. However, the Valley is flanked to the east by the Sierra Nevada
and I knew that 25 minutes from the house I could be at 2500 feet with clear
skys :-)
I woke my wife and daughter at midnight, packed the car with blankets,
jackets, pillows and chairs and headed out to a dark secret spot I knew
about. At ~1000 feet I began to see stars and when I arrived at my
destination, the sky air was crystal clear. We were in a large dark canyon
so didn't have a full panorama of the sky, but the show was still great.
Didn't attempt a count but easily saw close to a couple hundred in a hour of
viewing; ones, twos, threes, fours at a time. A lot a faint fast movers that
burnt out quickly, but also many bright greenish streaks that lasted a
couple of seconds. Was a great show but a pity that we could only watch it
for such a short time as we had to be able to function this morning
(relatives in town). Wish all of you with fog cover were as lucky as I am to
have a mountain next door.
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