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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:12 2004
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At 2 am MST Things did not look good with a high level cirrus cover. But by 2:30 things began to clear and so did Leo-- clearing his throat with a sputter of meteors.

By 3:30 there were numerous meteors visible in all parts of the sky, comming at what seemed to be at times one every one or two seconds. At about 4 am the rate peaked. And they came in spurts.

What was really amazing was at one instant, I saw 8 in the sky simultaneously. And my hopes were that it would just keep coming like it did in 1966.

But it was not to be. Just imagine what the 1966 display must have been like?

I missed it due to a thunderstorm over Pomona, CA. And I was miserable that night, hearing over the radio that the sky was filled with shooting stars. And thirty miles from where I was, was someone that I would later work with at Lowell Observatory. He saw the '66 event and also the thunderstorm off in the distance covering my view. What he said of it was that it defied description. 100,000 to 500,000 meteors per/hour was his esitmate!

I think the rate here in Flag was probably near 800 to 1,000 per/hr at its peak. So, just imagine what the '66 event was like.

But this one was the best meteor shower I have ever seen.

And as if not be outdone by Leo, a really remarkable bolide appeared at about 5:30 in the northwest. It was brilliant blue green with a tail full of red sparks. So brilliant it was that it cast shadows. It lasted about 4 seconds, and had a short path (perspective?)

Maybe Dave Andrews in Holbrook saw it?

What a tremendous bolide it was, certainly the brightest that I have ever seen.

(And it might even have dropped meteorites, too)

Well, guess I'll be up in 2002, but for now-- must get some sleep.


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