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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:12 2004
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    Hello ALL! Well, My wife and I just came indoors from the 16 degree COLD
(Burr!) weather as the hot cocoa ran-out and our fingers went numb! ( I was
thinking of Michael Blood and his sweetie sitting by a fire and roasting
cheddarwursts...with envy).
   Sky is incredilbely clear...between 4:10AM and 5:06 AM we saw an average
of 13-18 per minute! (some minutes I counted as few as 11)...
Steady...constant...and brilliant! EVERY direction...mainly from the
Southeast and east and northeast directions...but from EVERYWHERE at the same
    The very best that made it mostly across the sky came out of the
southeast-east sky and just brightly burned across the expanse of the sky! I
lay there in my chaise, under my fleece blanket and it was amazing how you
were watching one (or more) overhead, while you could see five or six
peripherally...some going in opposite directions to the ones you were
    Ziz-zagging, fast-flying, bright trails of early morning bliss! (and
there was nothing added to my cocoa as I do not "consume" of the spirits).
     I have never seen anything like it...and I was amazed...and
humbled...and had the excitement that is usually reserved for children.
    What a pleasure and what a very special show! I will remember it always.
    Very best wishes and regards;

     Jake Delgaudio
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