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On Fri, 16 November 2001, Martin Horejsi wrote:

> Steve kindly wrote about the the Glorieta Mountain meteorite:
> > There is in my mind no doubt that the two types are from
> > the same meteoroid, and that Glorieta is a very unusual meteorite.
> >
> > I have in my collection one blue black fusion crusted 1.5 kg iron that has at
> > least a dozen olivine crystals showing.
> Hello Steve and all,
> I have a couple pictures of Glorieta Mountain showing large regions of
> etched iron with only a rim of classic pallasite-looking olvine intermixed
> in the iron matrix.
> The images are in the Gallery at the Meteorite Exchange at:
> http://www.meteorite.com/gallery/glorieta_mountain.htm
> I agree with Steve when he said "Glorieta is a very unusual meteorite."
> Cheers,
> Martin

Martin and all,

There are really three types. Ones that are chock full of olivine, solid irons with no olivine, and the one that you have pictured with just a few or a rim of olivine.

The slice pictured is from an 18 lb individual recovered by Nininger in the late 1930's.

Steve Schoner, Amearicn Meteorite Survey

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