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Hello Jeff & list!

Don't forget the SAH97037. Abstract from the Meteoritical Bulletin, N=B0 82.

>>The LL7 chondrite, Sahara 97037, is very well recrystallized, with no
evidence of chondrules; a large fraction of pyroxenes are Ca-rich (Fs12.0
Wo42.8); feldspar (Ab86.1 An10.4) and phosphates (merrillite and apatite)
make millimeter-sized associations; most metal grains are oxidized, but
those that remain are very Ni-rich (61.7 wt% Ni, 1.9 wt% Co). Classified
by M.Bourot Denise. Specimens: main masses, Labenne, type specimens Museum
National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France. Meteoritical Bulletin, N=B0=

A 07:50 AM 11/15/01 -0500, Jeff Grossman a =E9crit :
>You have to weigh the evidence for each one. If there is not documentation=
>of the criteria listed by Mittlefehldt and an attempt to differentiate=20
>between thermal metamorphism and shock melting, then the classification=20
>should be considered suspect. Maybe somebody on this list cares to make a=
>list of all the candidates, and we can talk about what they are.
>At 03:23 AM 11/15/2001, herbert.raab_at_ris.at wrote:
>>Jeff Grossman (via Bernd Pauli) writes:
>> > Petrologic grade 7 chondrites are known from the
>> > LL group.
>>If I understand that correctly, then this means that
>>there are no L7 and H7 chondrites? And the samples
>>noted by Jeff Grossman (Uden, St. Mesmin clasts and
>>LEW 88663) are the only "real" type 7 specimens
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