[meteorite-list] Type 7 Chondrites

From: herbert.raab_at_ris.at <herbert.raab_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:11 2004
Message-ID: <011114093926412300_at_risc01>

Martin Horejsi writes:
> Also, there is a much higher percentage of LL7s
> compared to the rest of the LLs than either the
> H7s or L7s compared to their groups. Could this
> be an artifact of a particular analysis lab that
> received many desert specimens?

I also wonder if the assignment of type 7 is
handeled equal by different labs. I am just a
curious collector, not a scientist. But looking,
for example, at Taouz 002, which is highly
recrystallised and has no visible chondrules left,
I wonder if this wouldn't have been classed as LL7
instead of LL6 by other researchers?

Also, type 7 is a compareably new extension to the
chondrite classification scheme. I wonder if some
"old" meteorites, that were classified many years
ago as, say, L6 would become L7 these days?

   Herbert Raab
Received on Wed 14 Nov 2001 03:39:24 AM PST

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