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>Steve, if you have time, it would be most interesting to see a photo
>of one of your Sikhotes with the labels that you know to be from the
>Russian Academy."

Will do, In fact I was looking at them just earlier, before I put them back into storage. Will get them out and take photos of them and post. And yes, the cloth labels are there with the typed numbers. And I have the original specimen labels, too.

>From the Academey of Sciences.

I got these from Krinov himself in 1971.

Steve Schoner.

Steve Schoner

On Sun, 04 November 2001, "Rob Lenssen" wrote:

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> <DIV><FONT size=2>Geoff wrote:</FONT></DIV>
> <DIV><FONT size=2>&quot;The yellow and black collection number appears to match
> the one on your specimen, and is from the Herb Obodda Collection. Herb was a
> well-known mineral collector, who also had a substantial meteorite
> collection.&quot;</FONT></DIV>
> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV>
> <DIV><FONT color=#000000>BINGO!!!</FONT></DIV>
> <DIV><FONT color=#000000>I was told that an American mineral dealer named Herb
> Obodda, bought the specimen I own now, in Moscow many years ago. What I didn't
> know is that he had his own labels.</FONT></DIV>
> <DIV><FONT color=#000000></FONT>Thanks Geoff!</DIV>
> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV>
> <DIV>Rob Lenssen</DIV>
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> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV>
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> zondag 4 november 2001 5:21<BR>Onderwerp: [meteorite-list] Numbering of
> Meteorites + Krinov Book [long]<BR><BR></DIV></FONT>&gt;Dear Dave, Rob, Steve,
> and List:<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;I'd like to return to the thread from a few days back,
> when Dave <BR>&gt;Harris, Rob Lenssen, Steve Schoner and I were discussing
> labels on <BR>&gt;some &quot;old collection&quot; Sikhote-Alins. Collection
> numbers interest me, <BR>&gt;so I've done a bit more research over the past few
> days.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Just to recap: Dave and I both recently acquired nice,
> uncleaned and <BR>&gt;slightly rusted Sikhotes from Rob Wesel (thanks Rob). They
> carry a <BR>&gt;white gauze label, with four-digit typewritten collection
> numbers. <BR>&gt;Steve Schoner was quite certain these are Russian National
> Academy of <BR>&gt;Sciences numbers, and Rob provided some useful info and
> photos, and <BR>&gt;also had a labelling question (I think I have your answer,
> Rob, see <BR>&gt;below). However, the actual numbers on our specimens don't
> match <BR>&gt;Krinov's numbers, so there was some doubt.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;First
> off, Rob, in style the labels do appear to match the photos you <BR>&gt;supplied
> here:<BR>&gt;<A
> href="http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/SA1.jpg">http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/SA1.jpg</A>&nbsp;&nbsp;
> and here: <BR>&gt;<A
> href="http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/SA2.jpg">http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/SA2.jpg</A><BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;I
> find it odd that specimens with really low numbers, like the one in
> <BR>&gt;Rob's photo &quot;0067,&quot; and mine &quot;0112,&quot; were evidently
> not collected <BR>&gt;during the first expedition to Sikhote-Alin, due to the
> light coating <BR>&gt;of rust. You would expect the really low numbers to have
> been from <BR>&gt;the earliest expedition (and therefore to be in nearly
> pristine <BR>&gt;condition), but I suppose they could have been numbered out of
> order <BR>&gt;at a later date -- back in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Or maybe they
> <BR>&gt;were just left outside in an old crate somewhere&nbsp;&nbsp; :
> )<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Anyway, I have to agree with Steve S., and I think I've found
> proof <BR>&gt;that these are official Russian labels. Earlier this year, I had
> the <BR>&gt;good fortune to acquire a signed copy of Krinov's book about
> Tunguska <BR>&gt;and Sikhote-Alin. This book used to belong to Dr. Elbert King,
> and I <BR>&gt;ended up with it thanks to Steve Arnold of I.M.B. The book is
> <BR>&gt;(obviously) in Russian and, as far as I know, has unfortunately never
> <BR>&gt;been translated into English. My very basic Russian is not up to the
> <BR>&gt;task. The title reads (phonetically) &quot;Zhelezny Dozhd,&quot; and the
> cover <BR>&gt;is a two-color reprint of the famous Sikhote-Alin stamp. On pg. 54
> of <BR>&gt;the book -- published in 1981 -- is a b/w photo of a Sikhote-Alin
> <BR>&gt;specimen which appears to carry the same type of label. I know it's a
> <BR>&gt;terribly bad quality image, but you should have seen it before I
> <BR>&gt;cleaned it up in Photoshop&nbsp; : )<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Have a
> look:&nbsp;&nbsp; <A
> href="http://www.notkin.net/collection-numbers.htm">http://www.notkin.net/collection-numbers.htm</A><BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Compare
> the b/w image to the color pic of my Sikhote-Alin &quot;0112,&quot;
> <BR>&gt;immediately below on the same page.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Steve, if you have
> time, it would be most interesting to see a photo <BR>&gt;of one of your
> Sikhotes with the labels that you know to be from the <BR>&gt;Russian
> Academy.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Finally, Rob asked if anyone could help him to identify
> the label on <BR>&gt;his collection piece here:<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<A
> href="http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/SikhoteAlin-7a.jpg">http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/SikhoteAlin-7a.jpg</A><BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Rob,
> please compare your photo to the bottom picture on my page:<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<A
> href="http://www.notkin.net/collection-numbers.htm">http://www.notkin.net/collection-numbers.htm</A><BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;My
> photo is of a piece of Chico Hills, New Mexico (H4). The yellow <BR>&gt;and
> black collection number appears to match the one on your <BR>&gt;specimen, and
> is from the Herb Obodda Collection. Herb was a <BR>&gt;well-known mineral
> collector, who also had a substantial meteorite <BR>&gt;collection. Allan Lang
> of R.A. Langheinrich Meteorites provided me <BR>&gt;with this specimen, and the
> information about the collection labels <BR>&gt;(thanks Allan). Hopefully that
> answers your question. BTW, the other <BR>&gt;label is from the Barbara Curatin
> Collection (not sure about the <BR>&gt;spelling of her
> name).<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Okay, I hope I haven't put the rest of you to sleep, but
> hopefully <BR>&gt;Dave and Rob are
> happy.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Regards,<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Geoff N.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Show your
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