[meteorite-list] Guy Fawkes Day + Shooting Stars?

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In newfoundland as a kid we used to cut trees for 3 months before the 5th
and it was always on Nov 5th and never on the closest saturday (Saturday
already is an excuse to drink so we dont need to have it on a saturday). We
never threw the straw guy in the fire either. That one is new on me. And
home brew was often substituted for beer (But beer worked fine to).
It wasnt communal and everybody had a "bonfire patch" where the fire was in
their backyard every year. It became competative to see who had the biggest
fire and the people with the biggest fire had people congregate to their
fire after a couple hours when the fires started dieing down. Usually they
would have a supply of spare trees so that got things going again. The next
morning it was usually still smouldering. Some years we would get a lot of
snow and the pile of trees would be under two feet of snow but of course a
few gallons of gasoline solved that problem.
Roasted Marshmellows on a stick was a big thing at the event and the people
who drank the most beer was usually the person with the nerve to go closest
to the fire to get the best roast on the marshmellows (Although a side
effect was that your beer got warm so it wasnt that appealing). Made hot
dogs to.
And drank lots of beer - and sometimes homebrew or moonshine to.

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>Dear Listees:
>Today is November the Fifth, beloved by all English schoolchildren,
>and affectionately known as "Bonfire night." It commemorates the
>unsuccessful attempt by failed revolutionary Guy Fawkes to blow up
>the Houses of Parliament in 1605 (known as "The Gunpowder Plot" it
>was accidentally foiled by an alert guard who discovered multiple
>barrels of gunpowder in Parliament's basement).
>Towns all across England traditionally stage their own celebration,
>and those in smaller rural villages are particularly colorful. These
>events usually involve the construction of an enormous communal
>outdoor fire, upon which a straw-filled effigy of Guy Fawkes is
>thrown. This dummy is known as "the guy," and is believed to be the
>root of the American slang word, "guy."
>Immense amounts of fireworks are set off, and much beer and real
>cider is consumed. It's all very pagan, and great fun. The biggest
>firework displays usually take place on the Saturday night closest to
>the Fifth, but pyromaniac kids (such as the young Geoffrey Notkin)
>always saved up some rockets for the actual night. As a result, I'm
>sure there are many "shooting stars" falling over London right about
>I always particularly miss my childhood home on November 5, and I'd
>like to wish our English members a safe and happy Bonfire Night.
>Somebody please let off a "banger" for me!
>Learn more about Guy Fawkes Day, here:
>Geoff N.
>Show your support at the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund -
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