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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:05 2004
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Dear Listees:

The November 2001 issue of Joel Schiff's "Meteorite" magazine arrived
here today, and it's a great one! There is a color scan of the new
cover on the "M" website (see URL below).

The remarkable cover image is a micrograph of Cratheus (plessitic
octahedrite) etched in color! Yes, that's right -- etched in color,
and the "Centerpiece" is a color feature on this amazing technique
(called "Tint etching") by Maria Elizabeth Zucolotto and Victor de
Carvalho Klein.

The other articles are:

"Journey to Belize: Anatomy of the Chicxulub Ejecta Blanket" by A.
Clark Gaither

"Chassigny: The First Martian Harvest, Part 2" by our own Kevin Kichinka

"Tunguska 2001" by Wolfgang Kundt

"NWA 480 and NWA 817: Latest News from Mars" by Dominique Padirac

"Ensisheim Meteorite 2001" by Zelimir Gabelica and Sabine Valange

"Tagish Lake, part 5" by Plotkin, McCausland, and Brown

"Towards a New Understanding of Mars from Martian Meteorites" by
Christopher Herd

"Rome Meteoritical Society Meeting" by Dr. Alan Rubin

Also news features; a nice obit, with photo, for the late Darryl
Futrell who was very well-known here on the M-List, and Sir Fred
Hoyle; additional contributions from numerous List members including
Bob Verish, Gregory Shanos; Martin Horejsi, O. Richard Norton, and
Anne Black.

If these is anyone on the List who doesn't get the magazine (?!), it
is available by subscription only from Pallasite Press, and is highly
recommended: http://www.meteor.co.nz

Regards to all,

Geoff N.
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