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From: Rob Lenssen <rlenssen_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:04 2004
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Hi Dave,

It's not that I want to spoil your party, but I also own a
Sikhote-Alin-with-a-label, and just like you did some research.

This is what I found:

Krinov's book "Giant Meteorites" contains a great section about the
Sikhote-Alin meteorite shower. There are nice pictures like this one
(http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/SA2.jpg) of some of the 313 unfragmented
whole single specimens found during the 1947-1950 expeditions. It also
contains a complete list of all specimens found, including their Soviet
Academy of Sciences inventory numbers. They are all four digit numbers
starting at least with a "1". Lots of 1600-numbers though.

In the journal Chem. d. Erde (15 Chem. Erde Bd. XXIX; in German) dated 1970
(Walter Zeitschel kindly provided me with a copy 6 years ago), Dr. Krinov
also reports about the 1967-1969 expeditions. Also some pictures here like
this one (http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/SA3.jpg). Also two and three number
digits this time. Krinov reports about 958 more unfragmented whole single
specimens found. He talkes about good preservation of the crust, although
also having brown color due to oxidation. More expeditions were expected to
follow (1970 and later).

Dave, your typewritten '0086'-number on a "look like linen"-label, reminded
me of a picture a saw in a dealers catalog ("Catalog and handbook of
meteorites") I received in 1992. Does your sample look like this number
"0067", I scanned from the catalog: http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/SA1.jpg ?
I don't know it's origin, but it certainly does not have the surface quality
of the 1947-1950 Krinov finds.

No answers here, but I hope you appreciate the information.

I am also stil looking for information on the orgin of my sample
(http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/SikhoteAlin-7a.jpg ,
http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/SikhoteAlin-7b.jpg ,
http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/SikhoteAlin-7e.jpg). I bought it from Eric
Twelker from "meteoritemarket" + like it very much. It does not look be
wire-brushed or chemically cleaned. Trying to find some info, I sent an
Email to the curator of the Soviet Academy of Sciences collection two months
ago, but did not get an answer (yet).
Anybody else who can shed some light here?

Rob Lenssen

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>Hi Geoff!
>Wow! That's some detective work - amazing!!
>And that's also some provenance too! Wasn't Krinov the first investigator
>of the Tunguska event? I know that name...
>I am totally in love with that SA anyway - it was on the original eBay
>advert - I recall showing it to a (rather bored) colleague at work saying "
>that's m'boy! I want that one!", but obviously, not being in the running
>the whole collection I thought it impossible I would procure it - then the
>inestimable Mr. Wesel swoops in from no where and scoops the lot and
>know! I get the chance to buy it!
>I prevaricated for a day - had I not I would have had your one too!!!
>So, a multitude of thanks to all of those involved - you, Steve Schoner (a
>name I have seen an awful lot on the list!) and Rob Wesel for giving me the
>opportunity to purchase this breathtaking specimen!
>it's gone to a great home!
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>> Steve Schoner posted:
>> >These are original Soviet Academy of Sciences labels. That is the
>> >way the did it, and I have in my collection two pieces that were
>> >sent to me by the late Dr. Krinov in 1972 with the same type labels--
>> Holy cow! I was hoping they were maybe Russian labels, but I had no
>> Steve Schoner should know -- he is quite the expert (and a very nice
>> guy). This is very exciting. Okay, so if you ever decide to get rid
>> of that Sikhote, I'm your customer : )
>> Best,
>> Geoff N>
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