[meteorite-list] numbering of meteorites

From: Dave Harris <entropydave_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:04 2004
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Hi Geoff!
Wow! That's some detective work - amazing!!
And that's also some provenance too! Wasn't Krinov the first investigator
of the Tunguska event? I know that name...
I am totally in love with that SA anyway - it was on the original eBay
advert - I recall showing it to a (rather bored) colleague at work saying "
that's m'boy! I want that one!", but obviously, not being in the running for
the whole collection I thought it impossible I would procure it - then the
inestimable Mr. Wesel swoops in from no where and scoops the lot and whaddya
know! I get the chance to buy it!
I prevaricated for a day - had I not I would have had your one too!!!
So, a multitude of thanks to all of those involved - you, Steve Schoner (a
name I have seen an awful lot on the list!) and Rob Wesel for giving me the
opportunity to purchase this breathtaking specimen!
it's gone to a great home!


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> Steve Schoner posted:
> >These are original Soviet Academy of Sciences labels. That is the
> >way the did it, and I have in my collection two pieces that were
> >sent to me by the late Dr. Krinov in 1972 with the same type labels--
> Holy cow! I was hoping they were maybe Russian labels, but I had no
> Steve Schoner should know -- he is quite the expert (and a very nice
> guy). This is very exciting. Okay, so if you ever decide to get rid
> of that Sikhote, I'm your customer : )
> Best,
> Geoff N>
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