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From: Joseph Hum <jkarlhum_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:39:48 2004
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<DIV>Hi Ari and All,</DIV>
<DIV>A UFO is just that, an Unidentified Flying Object...</DIV>
<DIV>Anyone with half a brain knows these exist, I've seen several...</DIV>
<DIV>Of course there are a plethora of possible causes, and I could</DIV>
<DIV>care less about them, other then How they are caused...</DIV>
<DIV>What We are really interested in is&nbsp;what I call&lt; ETC's&gt;</DIV>
<DIV>Extra-terrestrial Craft... meaning an intelligently controlled Craft</DIV>
<DIV>that did not originate from our earth...&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV>I am 37 and have studied the problem since around 1978-9,</DIV>
<DIV>when I heard the broadcasted interview of &nbsp;Maj. Jesse Marcel whom(?)</DIV>
<DIV>actually witnessed some of the Roswell incident when he investigated</DIV>
<DIV>the crash site as&nbsp;the bases intelligence officer in July 1947...</DIV>
<DIV>He died shortly after this interview... He never claimed it was definitely</DIV>
<DIV>Extra-terrestrial in that interview; however he did claim the&nbsp;pieces he</DIV>
<DIV>recovered were not ordinary materials, as the official revised statement</DIV>
<DIV>claimed...&nbsp; The best proof I can offer is a recorded interview with a former</DIV>
<DIV>NSA&nbsp;"Director"!!&nbsp;taped&nbsp;over the phone by a well respected ETC investigator...</DIV>
<DIV>in which if you read between the lines of his statements he clearly implied</DIV>
<DIV>we HAVE vehicles/craft in our possession and&nbsp;have been studying them</DIV>
<DIV>for some time!&nbsp;&nbsp; Of course there will always be the nay sayers... mis &amp; dis</DIV>
<DIV>information promulgators, until we(the ignorant public) have the smoking gun</DIV>
<DIV>in our hands...&nbsp; I have seen other evidence that is difficult to refute, but I</DIV>
<DIV>won't belabor the issue...&nbsp; All I will say is... someday soon we&nbsp;may know</DIV>
<DIV>for sure... hopefully.&nbsp;&nbsp; Take care, and keep looking up!</DIV>
<DIV>--- Joseph Hum</DIV>
<DIV>--- <A href="mailto:jkarlhum_at_earthlink.net">jkarlhum@earthlink.net</A></DIV>
<DIV>--- EarthLink: It's your Internet.</DIV>
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