[meteorite-list] Comet P/2001 J1 (NEAT) = Comet Biela?

From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:26 2004
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Ron Baalke wrote:
> > Ron, Tell us more about those meteor storms.
> The meteor storm in 1872 occurred on November 27, and peaked
> at 3,000 meteors/hour.  In 1885, it peaked at 15,000/hour, and
> 6,000/hour in 1892.  It dropped to 150/hour in 1899, and there
> were no notable meteor showers after that.
> Ron Baalke _______________________________________________
Hi Ron & all,
	There was an exceptional book written about a particular
band of Lacota (Siox) who's tradition had handed down a 
buffallo skin with 100 years of pictographic depictions of 
each year. Each year was represented by an event of 
significance that had taken place that particular year. One 
of these storms was chosen to represent that year and that 
year was known as "the year the sky fell."  
	If anyone is interested in a really "good read" and 
anthropologically accurate history of "Plains Indians" they 
would be very hard pressed to find a better book than 
	Best wishes, Michael
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