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From: Bernd Pauli HD <bernd.pauli_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:46:24 2004
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Steve Schoner wrote:

> could be the other way around, too. The "benben" stone might have
> resembled a pyramid and was therefore worshipped. I think this is
> a more logical possibility for if such a stone had fallen 5000 or
> more years ago and was venerated throughout most of Egyptian
> history, then there should be many, many more references to it.

Hello Steve and List!

I am not sure about that possibility. Those references may have been
lost or are still hiding among some papyri or some not yet deciphered
inscriptions. Egyptian pharaohs also had a tendency to erase their
predecessors' hieroglyphics if dynastic interests demanded such a step.
Although I own more than 50 books on ancient Egypt, there are not too
many references on celestial events and if there are any, they are often
hard to interpret.

> there should be many, many more references to it

Just think of historical meteorites ... how little we know about most
of them - often nothing at all besides a vague reference in a Roman
or Greek source.

Now back to yesterday's post about the "gleaming" pyramids. I should
add that the pyramidion on top of the pyramids, the "bnbnt" or the
pyramidion on top of the obelisks was usually coated with pure gold!
In the case of the pyramids add the fact that they had a mantle of
white limestone. And now imagine the "impact" on the beholders when
these pyramids "shone" in reflected sunlight. The golden benben must
have been recognizable from far, far away just like the flashing lights
of a modern lighthouse.

And don't forget that Chufu's pyramid remained the highest building
in the world until about 100 years ago! Fascinating, isn't it!

Best wishes,

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