[meteorite-list] Pyramids Inspired By Meteorite Fall?

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On Tue, 15 May 2001, Ron Baalke wrote:

> http://www.guardian.co.uk/international/story/0,3604,490307,00.html
> Pyramids seen as stairways to heaven
> Tim Radford
> The Guardian (United Kingdom)
> May 14, 2001
> Pharoahs used monuments as launch pads to the afterlife, says scientist
> The pyramids of Egypt could be explained as symbolic stairways to the stars,
> according to a British scientist. And - in a twist that will delight New Age
> believers in mysterious energies and alien spacecraft - the inspiration for
> the pyramids might indeed have arrived from outer space, in the form of a
> meteorite.
> Toby Wilkinson, an Egyptologist based at Cambridge University, told a
> conference over the weekend that some of his theory was "deliberately
> controversial, provocative, but tantalising".
> "I'm not a geologist, and wouldn't claim to be, but there is a particular
> kind of meteorite, a rare kind of meteorite, which as it enters the
> atmosphere, is formed into a shape that startlingly resembles a pyramid.
> Could the benben stone have been such a stone? Could it have been a shooting
> star that had fallen to earth and been worshipped as a sign from the
> heavens?"
ANSWER> could be the other way around, too. The "benben" stone might have resembled a pyramid and was therefore worshipped. I think this is a more logical possibility for if such a stone had fallen 5000 or more years ago and was venerated throughout most of Egyptian history, then there should be many, many more references to it. Steve Schoner

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