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Rob Matson posted:

>Obviously Alain has chosen the perfect location for his
>shop! While Paris will always be a walking city to me,
>it isn't ~that~ small. For two meteorite aficionados
>(present and future) to stumble across his shop by
>accident is pretty remarkable.

Dear Rob and List:

Better make that "three meteorite aficionados." Even better!

Last year I was visiting friends in Paris, in Le Marais. One rainy=20
afternoon we all took a walk across the Seine to the Ile St. Louis,=20
and after stopping for some refreshments in a local bar, I was amazed=20
and delighted to accidentally come across a brightly-lit shop window,=20
packed with excellent Gibeons, Gaos, and so on. I saw Alain Carion's=20
name on the placard, and immediately said that I knew the owner, and=20
that we had to go in and say hello.

It so happened that Alain's son, Louis -- who is a friend of mine --=20
was working in the shop that day. I put on my sunglasses and hat,=20
pulled up my coat collar, sidled into the shop, and started acting in=20
a very suspicious manner. Louis watched me intently for a while,=20
until I walked right up to him and said, "Monsieur Louis Carion!?" He=20
looked at me with puzzlement, and then -- after I took off my=20
sunglasses -- with great surprise!. "Oh, but Geoff! what are you=20
doing in Paris?" he exclaimed.

So, yes, it is a lovely location: one of the most charming old=20
streets in Paris, on the beautiful Ile St. Louis. Definitely worth a=20
visit whilst in Paris, and when there you can pick up a copy of the=20
second edition of Alain's "Les M=E9teorites et Leurs Impacts"=20
("Meteorites and Their Impacts"). It's a lovely book (whether or not=20
one reads French). I like the cover design so much that I made a scan=20
and put it up here, for those who are interested:=20

I know Alain has a mineral website, but I don't remember the URL. Any=20
collectors who want to order a copy of Alain's book might ask Anne=20
Black at http://www.impactika.com for contact info.


Geoff N.

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