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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:42 2004
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<< Through a curious twist of time-reversed fate, I found myself
 in Alain Carion's shop in late fall of 1998 while window-
 shopping on Ile St. Louis. What makes this an odd coincidence
 is that it predates my interest in meteorites by at least
 6 months! I don't even recall seeing a meteorite while I
 was there (nor Alain, for that matter -- he was probably in
 the desert). >>

I had a similar experience - I was in Paris in '94 (happened to be during
the O.J. Simpson thing - watching THAT on French TV and trying to figure it
out was, uh, "interesting") and I also happened to be wandering the streets
of the Ile St. Louis & the Ile de la Cite, and I walked by a shop with
meteorites in the window! I had already become an avid
collector/"enthusiast", but at that point I knew nothing of Alain, it was
merely coincidental. (I brought back a piece of the Miles silicated iron,
which (I think) made me among the first to bring some back into the USA). I
still think the chances of a meteorite person happening to walk by one of the
few meteorite stores on the planet, for no particular reason, are pretty

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