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From: ari machiz <a_machiz_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:41 2004
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Hi list.

Someone mentioned that some of the high-rollers or
known scientists would be vital to an organization
like the one on the table. Those people in my
estimation, are more likely to join a group that is
proven to have cohesive properties. They don't have
time to form the organization and go through all this
mess, or if they do, they will create an organization
for high-rollers and scientists. I am neither. I have
a bigger mouth than brain or wallet.

I hear pros and cons to the Meteorite Association. I
believe that direction is missing from these
responses, valid as they might be. Pros and cons are
not two seperate roads. They are different directions
on one 2 way road.
I'll explain.

I felt this association needed a push, so I started
collecting names. This in no way singles out dealers,
large or small. I was thinking that everyone should be
welcome. The request for names was just to give the
association a jump start. Some direction.

Quickly we come to the next step. Pros and cons.
Fantastic. We need both, but with direction. For me to
focus on the pros, I think the first order of business
should be to address the cons. Know thy enemy, or in
other words, lets deal with peoples concerns so they
can participate if they wish with a good feeling. This
would mean noting peoples concerns and determining how
to avoid them.

In the direction of the good that could come of it, I
would like to know what ideas people have. What could
the list members do as an association that is more
difficult to do as simply list members?

Suppose the association is not one of dealers, but
meteorite enthusiastes. That takes care of one
concern, I think. On a positive note, could we be more
affective with the Fernlea issue as an association, or
is the list a sufficient forrum to write the guy who
is violating someones copyright? I think in a
situation like this, someone could more quickly write
on behalf of the whole. An association might be good
in this instance.

A business isn't built on no's. It is built on the
yes's. Likewise, IF this association is to come to
fruition, I believe we need to build it on the pros,
addressing the cons as concerns of our friends, and
maybe peak at a good business model. COMETS for
instance. True, that is a local organization, but it
is just an example.

I am open to the idea that this will flop, but you
would have to show me why it won't work. I have
several names of people who are interested. Does
anyone care why so many non-dealers are interested?
They are looking for something! Maybe someone out
there could point them in the right direction, but who
are they? Maybe they have different needs. Maybe we
could form an association to collect their concerns
and to have a forum to address their concerns and tell
them where to fill their needs in lieu of a...
Meteor...ite...Assoc...iation. Uh-huhmmm.

Forget my point? Lose your direction? How about
listing concerns to consider staying away from to make
this work.

How about listing reasons that an association would be
beneficial. Come up with a need and something will
happen, whether it be the formation of an association,
or something else just as positive.

My rusty Nantans worth.

Taking cover,

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