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On Tue, 20 March 2001, trandall_at_idsi.net wrote:

> Dave,
> Not sure what you mean here. I collect (buy) but I don't sell. What do
> you mean by "except a few...narrow minded few"? Both are indeed collectors
> (unless there are dealers that don't have their own collection) so I guess
> people that only collect should be in the Association too if they want. Even
> though "pure" collectors don't sell they do educate the public and can be a
> benefit to the "association" that way.
> Which leads me to the next question: What would it take to be a "member"
> of this "Association"? Who decides? Cost? If so, for what?
> Regards,
> Tom Randall
> At 04:25 PM 3/20/2001 -0700, you wrote:
> >Wool, Dear List,
> >Aren't dealers collectors and collectors dealers almost all of the time? I see
> >that most of us are both, except a few...narrow minded few....poll time??? I
> >vote both are and should be mostly one.
> >Notentropydave Freeman
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Let's keep it simple. From what I know after all of the abortive efforts we have had is that for us complexity is death to our efforts. The "association" should first and foremost be just that an association. I don't think that we should get into "bylaws" and all that that entails. Instead what I envision is first an agreement that we will deal only in that which is "authentic." This may seem obvious, but with all the fakes, and "romansells" and others like that selling meteorwrongs on ebay, and presenting themselves as "legit meteorite dealers" I think such an agreement among us is long overdue. And it should be a public agreement. That is we should have a website where pictures of us with bios will be posted. What our interests are, and what we do. And when we post to ebay, or a mail list like this one, or on our dealer page (if we have one) we should have links to the association page.

Such will give us a face, and an association page will give us a collective face. Lastly, and again, let's keep it simple, authenticity, and copyright protection should be our starting point. And in this, the law is squarely behind us. And if there is an infraction regarding these points, then we as an association could do something about it. But mostly, it will show that we can at least agree enough to form an association. And that would be a great beginning.
Steve Schoner, AMS, http://www.geocities.com/american_meteorite_survey
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