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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:40 2004
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2.  Can anyone recommend a good source for
> petrographic slide storage boxes???  
> Thanks, Michael Masse
Hi Michael & other list members,
        Yes, your ol' bud down the street (I) has 'm. I used to be able to get
WOOD ones - they were terrific, but no longer available. I now carry the
ones that look like riker boxes without a glass top (some sort of "black
aligator skin" bs), which, however, holds
100 thin sections (23mm X 46mm standard sized) quite nicely.
        See photo at:
        They are $37.50 + $3.50 Priority Mail in the US.
        As for the dealer organization, I couldn't agree with you more, but
while long overdue, efforts
seem to always result in becomming bogged down by the sure weight of 55
dozen people having
a wide variety of (seemingly infinate) priorities, such that efforts to
date have collapsed due to
same - and one dealer, who shall go "unamed," bless his little heart,
reportedly admitted to at least one person he only joined to insure its
failure (DUH!).
        Any effort to limit the number initially to just set it up results in a
"Rats in The Woodpile!" panic among some of the community, people who
feel left out and, therefore, resentful, etc. (Additionally, if you get
"dealers" attempting to clarify terminology you are going to have
"scientists" freeking out over THAT scenario).
        I would love to see it happen and am waiting to join such an
association if it ever does, but after two attempts, one of which
resulted in death from sure weight and the other of which resulted in
MANY hard feelings from many differing perspectivs, I certainly will not
be involved in any attempt to "set it up."
        While I DO think one to 3 people COULD design such an organization,
name it, create the logo, web page, statement of goals, policies and
procedures, God help them if any one finds out they are doing it before
it is presented to the entire community as a finished package, because
they will be labeled seperatists, elitists, price fixers, etc, etc, etc.
And, if they DO open up the "process" I promis you there will be ENDLESS
debate over EVERY CONCIEVABLE issue immaginable. If they don't, you get
the ol' "Rats In The Woodpile!" conciousness.
        Of course, "the list" members could talk about the above for a few
weeks and you would start
to get the idea of what I am referring to, above.
        As always, Michael, your commentary makes terrific sense. HOPEFULLY,
the remnents of the LAST effort - several of whom claimed to be
continuing with the effort, are doing just that AND won't admit it to
anyone prior to completion! (I would see THAT as the "best hope" for
such an organization finally {and almost inevitably} comming into
being). God bless 'm if they are - but DON'T ASK & DON'T TELL !
        Best wishes, Michael

A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the
subject.    - Winston Churchill
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