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For all of you who are interested in this topic, here
is a "must bookmark" web page:


Although much of this web site is in Spanish, this is
still a great site for REFERENCES on this subject.

Bob V.

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Subject: Flying Ice Block May Have Alien Origin


Flying ice block may have alien origin
Daily Telegram (Australia)
March 17, 2001

A NEW theory has emerged in the mystery surrounding a
lump of ice that fell through the roof of a Harbord
home -- it could have come from a comet.

NASA has become involved in the investigation and
yesterday sent a special container to Australia to
transport the ice to the space agency's headquarters
in California.
Once the sample reaches NASA, the test will be

Scientists can eliminate the possibility that the ice
came from an extra-terrestrial source if they find
earthly content within it. These could be materials
such as sodium chloride, table salt, or gypsum, chalk.

A similar ice chunk that fell in Meliana, Spain, last
January was discounted
as a comet fragment after scientists detected these
substances in a sample.


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