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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:40 2004
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Hello list.

A new, printed list of meteorites for sale is being distributed by a dealer
in France - I received my copy in the mail just today. Unfortunately, the
seller has compiled his catalogue by ripping off my web site. It's a complete
cut and paste job with the text exactly as I wrote it, and the fonts, style
and colours are all identical to my site. Even my page 1 welcome message has
been perfectly copied word for word.

I'm sure this can be resolved quickly and easily, but I want to make it quite
clear to anyone who receives a copy that this catalogue may look exactly the
same as a Fernlea sales listing but it is NOT!!

A couple of US dealers have also had their web site entries and pictures
copied onto later pages in this catalogue but I seem to have copped for the
worst of it.

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