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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:39 2004
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On Wed, 14 March 2001, Doug wrote:

> Mr. Mountain pitched these "specks" to me several years ago...I did not
> bite... it was a slick presentation ...but an obvious fraud.
> My question is, would he have been in deeper trouble if the samples had
> been Lunar?
> Doug
> _______________________________________________
My question to you is, how would one know that it is an "obvious fraud?" This is the problem with "specks." One needs a lot of faith to buy them and then believe that they are what the seller says they are. That is why I WILL NOT buy any specimens that do not *speak for themselves*-- that is be large enough to aid in their identification. As for the lunar, if I get one (and I don't have any in my collection to dat) it must have fusion crust, or if not, then it must at the very least have institutional documentation as to its identity. This is my *personal* collection criteria for these rare specimens. In this regard, I want to leave *faith* out of the picture. But if one has the faith, and wishes to speculate on specks-- have at it.

But buyer beware. Steve Schoner, AMS

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