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From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:36 2004
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>Of course!
>My opinion, that i expressed many times is that meteorite are >scientific
>matter first. <snip> but I think it is particularly unfair >to use
>NWAXXX.>When one starts to enter the commercial game, I think >that a
>minimum of ethic is neccessary.
>Best wishes
Franco - take your weird form of ethics and crap comments about scientific
interest and give them to some nomad to bury in the sahara desert where they
can get a proper burial. If you genuinely beleived your rhetoric that they
are above all "scientific first" you would gladly offer every new meteorite
that you find for free to the scientific community before offering them for
sale and only sell them after the scientific community picked out the ones
that have no scientific value.
You are involved in meteorites because you are hoping to make money from
them. No more, no less. Its money. And not because you want to find the
answer to some great cosmic mystery of the universe.
I dont like many of the activities that go on in the sahara desert any more
than you do. But I do support the reasons behind them and we wouldent have
as many meteorites found if everything had to be on the up and up 100% like
what you claim as your "ethics and scientific value" notions would indicate.
So go back out into the sahara desert and find more meteorites the way that
you run your meteorite business as per your business decisions. And let
others involved in their own saharan meteorite business operate the way that
they have decided to run their own business. At least everybody else is up
front about how they do things and dont go around calling everybody else
unethical because their business operation is not exactly the same as your
business operation.
Come to think of it, you dont have any ethics in the first place to give to
some nomad to bury in the sahara desert. They all got thrown out somewhere
between 50 cents and $12 a gram.
In support of getting more meteorites into the scientific and collecting

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