[meteorite-list] Temporary Names

From: Robert Beauford <wendirob_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:36 2004
Message-ID: <001f01c0a845$3a8b6e80$4d4897cc_at_wendirob>

It hadn't even occured to me that it might confuse someone, but what you say
below makes me realize I should probably make a public announcment. I am
using a series of unique temporary names for any unnamed unclassified
meteorites that I receive. These are NWARB and then a sequential number.
NWA is the sadly limited locational information. RB is my initials (yes!
accountability!) because I have the records of purchase, and sale where
possible, and the main mass of anything that might be rare. This is just to
make it easier to track me down for what info I might provide. Numbers are
from 1 to whatever. I try not to sell any meteorite without a temporary
name tag. Why? It is a responsibility. I cannot prevent the confusion,
inaccuracy, and lack of relevant information at the source, but I can at
least make sure future cuts from the masses are identifiable as being from
the same body, that the university that I donate to can refer meaningfully
to a mass that I or someone else might have more of, and that anyone in the
future can at least attempt to find out more information about a given
piece. I don't expect the Meteoritical society to use these names, but I
will at least make sure that I don't complicate their job... and that any
further associated fragments resulting from division of the samples I sell
or donate can be recorded and associated when they do name them.
Why NWARB? Noone else is using it, so it will be immediately evident and
won't perpetuate this massive confusion by duplicating someones field names
or any official names.
Hope this is useful.
-Robert Beauford

> >Dean and list
> >
> > I hope that you have these names given by the Met Soc.
> >Otherwise you overpassed your rights: there is scientific society called
> >the
> >METEORITISCAL SOCIETY that is in charge of giving names to meteorites
> >NWA.
> >
> >Please do not confuse everbody's mind with such a behaviour, specially
> >newbees.
> >
> >My 2 chondrules
> >
> >
> >Michel FRANCO
> >100 Chemin des Campènes
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