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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:35 2004
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Practice this so we can all sing this at The Denver "Karioke Contest ,
Love Fest, and Mineral Show"


        By Matthew Genge

        Meteor-rite or meteor-wrong?
        Here are some clues to go along.

        If it was hot to touch, or glowed bright red;
        if it smoked or spat, or sizzled or cracked;
        if it made a little hole not a great big crater;
        then a meteor-wrong you can expect a bit later.

        It if fell from the sky, then when all is said,
        its usually been thrown from the neighbour's shed.
        If it was black as coal, and crumbles like cake,
        then don't bet on it being the next Tagish lake.

        If it scared their granny in the middle of the night,
        with a bang and a flash of strange coloured light;
        if they saw it fall as a great glowing ball,
        then it probably wasn't a real meteor-rite fall.

        Matthew Genge
        Natural History Museum
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