[meteorite-list] Are we giving up too early on the York Report?

From: E.L. Jones <jonee_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:35 2004
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Are we giving up too early on the possibility of a York "Meteorite"?

In all the fervor back and forth, I am wondering who is the careful and
seasoned investigator who has run this report to ground (no pun
intended). And have they faithfully investigated the possibilities or
just took the words of all the non meteorite experts at hand?

Mrs. Sylvia Mercer did have a rational, consistent, meteorite-plausible
report --up until the crackling/ sizzling sounding. Who can say with a
degree of scientific certainty that a meteorite penetrating the depths
of a plowed field did not cause the cable to rupture ? The electrical
problem could mask the search for a meteorite. Was the site excavated
sufficiently to insure that a meteorite was not in the hole nor under
the cable? The field was reported as a wet boggy area recently plowed

Unfortunately, as is frequently the case, the only information we get is
from newspapers. These are hardly methodical or reasoned data sources.
Don't get me wrong-- Statistically, the likelihood of the report being a
meteorite is remote , but I would hate to discount Mrs. Mercer's report
as a dirt clod flying near her head. She may have been experiencing a
bona fide "meteorite encounter" of the 2nd kind.

For those neigh sayers who would say that the probability of a meteorite
hitting a cable under the ground is astonomical....well SO? I would
argue that it was 100% certain on the trajectory it was cast on...as was
the Peekskill a 100% certainty they it would strike the car it did,
based on the trajectory it was cast upon.

I guess the lesson here is to always be persistent, methodical, and
"prove" your conclusion rather than jump to a hasty assumption --either
way, when investigating reports. Don't let the reports of meteor wrongs
jade your approach if you choose to investigate these incidents.

My 2 farthings
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