[meteorite-list] Stony-iron Parent Bodies

From: almitt <almitt_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:33 2004
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Hi Bob and all,

I haven't read anything recent on stony-iron pairings and possible new parent bodies
but based on what I have read in the past there are two distinct pairings for the
stony-iron classes. I think only one for the mesosiderites, though it has been
suggested that asteroid Vesta could also be a source of the meso's. The problem with
that is Vesta is pretty much intact and not what we would expect sampling that deep in
an asteroid. Besides two parent bodies for stony iron meteorites the IIIAB iron class
is also thought to be related to the stony iron classes. It is thought that the parent
bodies of these meteorites has probably been destroyed by collision and only small
meteoriod/asteroid fragments remain.

Beside the two parent bodies listed above there are four possible asteroids that could
be the actual parent bodies for these. One must considered if these are possibly
fragments of the same or two different asteroids. These include 246 Asporina, 446
Aeternitas, 289 Nenetta and 863 Benkoela. The spectral matches are very good for our
pallasites we have but this certainly isn't an absolute pairing.


Robert Verish wrote:

> Speaking of "unique parent bodies", what is the
> general consensus on the number of parent bodies to
> account for all the various stony-irons? Is this new
> classification scheme developing because of new
> pairings?
> Bob V.
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