[meteorite-list] What's the highest meteorite ever found?

From: Ed Majden <epmajden_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:33 2004
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    The two meteorites I referred to were not from the MORP network.
Pribram stats are from the Czech fireball network (still in operation as the
core of the European Network), and Lost City which was tracked by the now
closed U.S. Prairie Network. MORP recovered the third fireball meteorite,
Innesfree, which had good photographic records of this event. I didn't
include this because I didn't have the paper handy.
    I'm part of the Sandia Bolide Detection Network on the west coast of
Canada and Washington State. This program was set up to alert Sandia of
bright fireball events occuring in this area. We also use it to supplement
visual observations of fireballs reported by the public. Dr. Jeremy Tatum
from MIAC and the University of Victoria trained a group of interviewers
that go out after a fireball event to try and extract reasonably accurate
data from observers of such fireballs. The Sandia all-sky cameras were set
up to obtain more accurate data. This network has expanded out to Alberta
and I also believe Saskatchewan. You can see my station setup by going to:
    This site will lead you to the Sandia Bolide Detection Network and also
to the Alberta sites etc.

Ed Majden
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