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> Unfortunately, I must now sell my Cumberland Falls piece from my
> This is my most prized specimen and I hope someone else will treasure it
> I have and not cut it up to sell off. This specimen is FAR too nice for
> that.
> Cumberland Falls:
> Whitley County, Kentucky, USA
> Fell April 9, 1919, 1200hrs
> Stone, Achondrite, Ca-poor (Aubrite)
> After the appearance of a fireball and sonic booms, several stones, the
> largest fragment being about 31 pounds, fell in Whitley County, Kentucky.
> It is classified as a Stone, Achondrite, Ca-poor, Aubrite. This meteorite
> is a breccia composed mainly of enstatite fragments along with a unique
> of unequilbrated chondritic inclusion called a forsterite chondrite. This
> "F" chondrite is found only as an inclusion in the Cumberland Falls
> meteorite.
> This 8.3 gram specimen was cut from the specimen at the Fernbank Science
> Center in Atlanta, GA.
> jpg
> The first person to reply to this email offering US$1,200.00 plus shipping
> (to be paid via PayPal or overnight Money Order) will be the proud new
> owner.
> Sincerely,
> Brice D. Hornback
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