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From: E.L. Jones <jonee_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:30 2004
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>From my reading of your reply, it is clear that you are disappointed in
the direction your collecting has taken -- and you would like to have
the "hobby" (sic) blame someone for it:

> I got caught up in the hype of buying quantity not quality and its left me
> peeved now I know the full story. Forgive me if all this sounds argumentative
> though theres no easy way of saying it and I think it needs airing.

 It is also clear that you disregarded the incredibly rich and wise
information you were offered. You are not the victim of fraud, all the
information you complain about has been well discussed on the list and
within the archives, and I doubt you are out big quid from any NWA
purchase! I, on the other hand, as a member of this field of interest,
feel rebuffed. The list members here have paid a lot of dues to advance
this field and make things available to new enthusiast. I feel the field
of amateur meteorite interest and commercial specimen sales has been
shot gunned, but I digress.

I did read all the public replies ....and if I can be frank--while you
are entitled to post opinion-- when your opinion wasn't supported, you
whined on repetitiously. In law we say asked and answered. I was
considering responding to each of your points AGAIN as they were already
addressed in the series of posts thus far. But if you didn't choose to
accept the distinction then , I doubt there is use in doing so with any
additional explanation.

Please re-read the parts about classification vs identification. Accept
the difference.

Reread the parts about this "collectible" being different from other
"hobbies". Note the myriad of reasons others collect
samples/specimens/specks. IF you are unhappy with your hobby, there are
always stamps and coins (Like there is NEVER any disappointment in those

Reread the archives and replies to the issues dealing with Saharan/
North West African/ and hot desert meteorites in general. (Research
Hint: Find out what a Nova classification is) Under your criteria, no
one has ever found a meteorite... they only become meteorites after
classified. What does that make all the historical falls?

Reread why we take exception to the sale and auction of non meteoritic
material from persons who lack the expertise to render a field
identification, who refuse to do so, or are trying to get away with
outright fraud. See above re: the difference between classification vs
identification. As we say here-- Don't mix apples with oranges, and
know the difference in real and waxed fruit.

Reread the parts about taking the opportunity you have to become
knowledgeable in the whole field or Meteoritical studies and get
familiar with the way meteorites really look before cutting and
polishing. You have a chance to do your own studies and to learn how
that a knowledgeable person as made an identification. Thus far your
discussions show that you need to develop a fundamental understanding of
what ,in fact, meteorites are. To insist that a meteorite isn't a
meteorite because it lacks classification is a fairly fundamental point
which needs to be corrected if you expect to gain any satisfaction in
the interest (I am loathe to use the word hobby).

If you are that unhappy with your purchase, offer it to some list
members, donate it to an educational organization or, even take them by
the NMH. Everything which one acquires is not necessarily something
which stays in the collection.

As we say in brief therapy..."TWHAP!...Get OVER it!" then Enjoy!
Elton in the Meanie Mode
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