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During my second round of house to house search of the area, I encountered a
possible witness to the fall of Powellsville. I believe his last name was
Jenkins, and he told to me his eye-witnessed account that occured ~ 1926(he
was 8). It was harvest season and after a long day in the fields, his
father, himself and his three older brothers were driving home when behind
them, flared a green glow as bright as a "welders torch". By the time they
reacted to the light it died out and only a distant rumble that gradually
elevated to a ground vibrating thunder, then about three loud "pops" (as he
called them) occured and all was quiet. He himself never found anything nor
did anyone he knew, but it did occupy the majority of the conversations the
following day.
I have to believe that he did infact witness the entry of the bolide. I also
encountered an elderly eyewitness of the Faucett, Mo. meteorite, and the
son of the witness described by Nininger of the Archie fall. The ~2kilo
oriented full fusion crusted stone could not be pried from the sentimental
bond of that household. This family was quite aggressive and refused my
efforts to shoot photos of the meteorite.
      --- Allen.
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><< I just received this question from the curator of the small geology
> at OSU. He was a big help in creating my recent "LEGO Mars Rover"
> so I'd like to help him out. Can anyone answer this for me please? I'll
> pass it along. >>
>here's what the Catalogue says about Powellsville:
>A 4310 g stone was found ~40 cm underground by a man digging
>out a tree stump in his yard.
>Classification and mineralogy (M. Prinz, AMNH): olivine Fa 19^; pyroxene Fs
>17^ Wo 0.5^.
>It was found in Scioto County, Ohio, USA in 1990 and classified as an H5,
>weathering grade W3.
>The total known weight needs to be updated to over 8kg now, because another
>4kg individual was recovered by Alan Shaw last year and this is now in my
>collection. Let me know if you'd like some pictures.
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