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On Sun, 08 July 2001, "P. Gessler" wrote:

> Tektites:
> are they lunar or terrestrial?
> I believe NININGER thought tektites were of lunar origin and so did BOB
> HAAG as of 1997.


Shortly before he passed away I had a discussion regarding Takysie Lake stones, and tektites with my friend and mentor Harvey Nininger. His opinion was that Takysie Lake stones *could* be lunar, but that tektites were not. Though in earlier pre-Apollo days he was a strong advocate of lunar origin for tektites, after the sample returns his opinion changed-- as did that of many. The evidence is strong and compelling-- tektites originated on the Earth. Simply stated-- stretch tektites offer conclusive proof that these originated on the earth because such forms, as I stated in detail before, can not survive entry into the Earth's atmosphere after falling the distance from the Moon to Earth at the minimum requisite speeds of 7+ miles per/sec. It is a logical impossibility. Look at the meteorites that are sitting in out collections, fusion crusted and all. Look at the flanged buttons, and flanged dumbells that *did* achieve hypersonic velocity and fell thousands of miles from the supposed impact sites.

Then take into consideration that no stretch forms have been found in Australia-- only at or near the supposed impact sites where they were created.

Unless one can explain the how stretch tektites *could* survive hypersonic entry into the Earth's atmosphere and still retain their form, then they will continue to offer compelling as well as conclusive evidence that they originated on Earth rather than the Moon.
On thing that I find frustrating in all of this is the constant reference to dated, pre-Apollo Misson abstracts. Before Apollo speculation abounded regarding tektites and Nininger and others were strong Lunar tektite origin advocates. (Though in this regard, I recall that Nininger was more cautious, especially as the Lunar sample return missions approached). The bottom logical line is this-- Stretch forms put an end to the Lunar origin theory-- and unless someone can explain how such could survive hypersonic entry into the Earth's atmosphere, then the evidence is clear and conclusive-- They are terrestrial. What amazes me is that no one else has seen the significance of this before.

Steve Schoner,


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