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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:29 2004
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Getting this topic back on track I really doubt that there is a ureilite/Venus connection. I recall having years ago a discussion with a noted planetary physicist on this subject and this topic came up.

Rocks from Venus-- ureilites or otherwise...

The problem he pointed out to me is the thickness of the Veneusian atmophere (90 times that of Earth) and the fact that the velocity of the impactor to overcome that and then produce a crater of sufficient size with the requisite amount of energy to eject rocks would have vaporized such rocks.

If so, then ureilites could not have come from Venus.

There is also the question of ureilite like nodules found in some of the mesosiderites-- Vaca Muerta in particular.

Is this meteorite related to Venus?

Doubt it (unless there are facts that indicate otherwise).

Steve Schoner

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