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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:29 2004
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EXCUSE MEEEE! BUT WHO IS IS THAT IS BEING HOSTILE HERE! This is one of the most bombastic posts that I have seen from you. Now as for me being such when I say that Furtell's positioins is being *religious* I say so BECAUSE he has presented no facts to support his position. The fact that stretch tektites exists shows that they formed here on Earth, not the moon because shuch could not form on the moon and then survive entry into the Earth's atmosphere. That is it in a nutshell. But as for me being *aggressive* or *hostile*-- who is calling the kettle black? You had better re-read the following-- Geez, Michael, you surprise me again. Steve Schoner. On Sun, 08 July 2001, Michael Blood wrote:

> Steve Schoner wrote:
> > Michael, your response surprises me, as you have in the past
> > demonstrated great interest in "stretch" tektites......IN my
> > humble opinion the existence of these very rare stretch
> > tektites settle the issue.....
> ------
> Yes,
> In your opinion.
> In the opinion of others, they do no such thing.
> (And, by the way, the tennor of your post did NOT sound in
> any way "humble." In fact, it sounded agressive, dogmatic and,
> dare I say, "religious.")
> You accused Darryl, a gentle man who has spent YEARS of hard
> work exploring and expanding on what delights him and in what
> he believes - a fine, elderly GENTLEMAN - of holding to the lunar
> origin theory as if it were "religion," yet, from the perspective
> of one who is NOT invested in either of these THEORIES (as that
> is ALL they are - theories - NOT proven fact) it looks to me like you
> and the other terrestrial theorists are equally "religious" about
> your opinions and your theories.
> I have read tons of liturature from BOTH sides and my opinion
> is that both sides are defending THEORIES - something I never could
> quite grasp as reasonable, AND CERTAINLY NOT SCIENTIFIC! Great if
> one postulates a theory, if one expounds on a theory and if one
> elaborates on a theory. But to defend it over and over and over
> and to hammer and hammer and hammer, insisting in its validity
> is NOT "scientific" in the least. THAT is what I find booring!
> I quit reading endless discussions on the ALH84001 debate for
> the SAME REASON. In both cases, I will be happy to read or hear
> about NEW information, and delighted to get some PROOF. Until
> then, I, personally, have had enough of simply increasing the
> volume and repatition when someone doesn't adhere to a theory.
> I do not need the volume increased. It does absolutely nothing
> for me to have the volume increased. Having it said 27 times does
> not in any way increase my likelihood of embracing one side or the
> other. And why on earth should anyone CARE which way I believe
> about it, anyway?
> If y'all want to write to each other endlessly about it, knock
> yourselves out - as I said, perhaps others - perhaps MANY others -
> on this list want to read about it too. No problem, I have a delete
> button (actually, I save them all in a special "Tektite Debate"
> folder).
> But PLEASE, don't tell me I SHOULD view stretch tektites as "proof"
> that they came about as the result of an earth impact. (I am not saying
> they didn't - I just do not see them as PROVING anything at all, except
> that they were in a semi-molten state when they formed. Period.)
> If you see it otherwise, good on you. If Darryl or Hal Povenmire
> or B.P. Glass see it as "proof" they are the result of lunar vulcanism,
> good on them. If someone else sees them as "proof" that they came
> from the planet Crypton, Romulus or Vulcan, fine. If any of you write
> something that convinces me, fine. If not, fine.
> Meanwile, it's dandy with me if you continue indefinately with your
> "debate" - just play nice and keep me out of it. I do NOT have to care,
> I do NOT have to see it this way or that way. You are not the first to
> lay this horse pucky on me. Honestly, that is like 12 year old kids
> with, "you're either for us or against us" routieen!
> It is inane to tell me I "should" care about it a certain
> way or believe a certain way, etc. AND TO IMPLY MY INTEREST IS
> EXCLUSIVELY FINANCIAL in an attempt to empower what you obviously
> see as a "battle" with which you have become personally identified is
> really beneeth you, Steve. You are a better person than that.
> I find tektites, and stretch tektites, in particular, absolutely
> engaging - AND I see tektites, all togeather, AS AN INIGMA - so, you
> all can put that in your pipes and smoke it!
> 'nuff said, Michael
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