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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:29 2004
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On Sat, 07 July 2001, Michael Blood wrote:

> Joseph Hum wrote:
> > i would like to hear some feedback concerning the possible
> > connection between the exotic meteorites- ureilites- and a possible
> > venusian origin
> > instead of just dwelling on whether tektites have a lunar origin or
> > not anyway, what about UREILITES?
> > Regards, J.K. Hum
> -----------
> Hi Joseph,
> I, too, tired of this discussion - long, long ago (far before
> this latest round took off - HOWEVER, there ARE over 400 people
> on the "list" - and AT LEAST 2 of them are "into" this - and, perhaps,
> many others - perhaps even many, MANY others, for all we know.
> As long as people don't degenerate into name calling,
> swearing, and/or other rude and obnoxious behaveior, any
> meteorite related topic is fair game. That's why we have "delete"
> keys. (Thank goodness!)
> Best wishes, Michael
As for the tektite origin question, it is a very important one meteoritically. Much more so than the so called Venus urelite question (if indeed this is at all an issue). Tektites have been and still are a big enigma, one that must be resolved as they clearly demonstrate that there are some conditions of large scale impact on the Earth that is not understood. We as a species must understand such processes, the last having occurred a mere 800,000 years ago. The quest of science is to resolve such issues-- not brush discussion of them aside because one grows bored of it.

Michael, your response surprises me, as you have in the past demonstrated great interest in "stretch" tektites. And it was this form (a spectacular one that I acquired) that brought about this debate with Darryl Futrell-- Lunar vs. Terrestrial.

IN my humble opinion the existence of these very rare stretch tektites settle the issue-- they came about from impact to the Earth.

That is their scientific significance, not so much that they are rare and something to command a huge price on the collector market.

Stretch tektites put a nail in the coffin of Lunar origin.

Steve Schoner.

(If you want to solve a problem, or to see it clearly it pays to keep the issue in focus....)

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