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From: John Gwilliam <jkgdiver_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:29 2004
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I agree with Paul and Rob Elliott - the Garmin 12 or Garmin 12xl are super
pieces of technology to use and have friendly easy-to-use features. I've
been using either the 12 or the 12xl for over three years and they still
work flawlessly.

If you're really into global positioning technology, you can hook your
Garmin up to a laptop plugged into your cigarette lighter, install the
necessary software and trace your travels through the desert in both real
time and in saved storage. The accuracy is great enough that you can
actually see on the laptop screen where your pulled off the road and drove
back and forth twice to head in the opposite direction.
Two words of advice - first, always carry extra batteries for your GPS
unit. Second, even in this high tech world we live in it is important to
back up your GPS waypoints and routes with a paper logbook. Electronics
can fail, GPS units can get stolen or damaged. A ledger with all your GPS
logs will eliminate the loss of all your data. Simply load all the coords.
from your log book into a new GPS unit, and you're back in business.


John Gwilliam

At 07:49 PM 7/5/01 -0700, P. Gessler wrote:
>I agree with Fernlea about the GARMIN line and you should be able to
>pick up one of the GPS12 units at West Marine for around $125 with a
>mail in rebate. I did in San Francisco last year. Garmin is the best in
>my opinion. I own 2 of the GPS 12's for hunting in California and
>Nevada. They are dust proof, shock resistant and delightfully easy to
>use. Also check ebay for used ones.
>Paul Gessler
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