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<< Hi list...any recommendations for my acquisition
 of a GPS??? The Southwest is calling. >>

Hi Michael and List.
A company called Garmin offer a range of handheld GPS at www.garmin.com
A few weeks ago, I bought one of their Garmin GPS12 units for around $180
that seemed to offer everything that I wanted from it. It gives compass,
bearing, tracking, speed, altitude, and the all important lat/long to within
15 feet (or is it 15 yards???). There's also a memory for storing something
like 50 waypoints, a line drawing map that shows the direction and distance
as you move around, and a track-back feature to return you to your starting
point, or any co-ordinates that you enter on the keys.
The prices double, treble and more if you want a unit that has an electronic
street map built in, but I didn't need that feature.
Some also have a choice of an internal or external antenna. The GPS12 model
has an internal antenna and I clip mine onto the dash of the Land
Rover......it still works well partially shielded inside the car, but it
looses it's fix on some of the low horizon satellites if it's moved away from
the windshield. In open spaces it locks onto a minimum of 8 satellites
without any trouble (3 minimum are needed for 3D), but an external ariel
gives a bit more gain if it's to be used indoors, in cars or under heavy tree

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